About Us

Fat Ni is the nickname of our Founder Guiqiao Chen. She started her own business at the age of 14 and her footprint has continued from China to the United States. After four successful food trucks experience in New York City, Mrs. Chen expanded the business to the southern end of the United States – Texas. Her first dine-in bbq restaurant went viral in Dallas TX and more and more people start to know more about Chinese street food culture. The Founder pours her heart, soul, and Special Reserve BBQ sauce into making sure that every single item on the menu leaves you satisfied.

What you can expect in Fat Ni BBQ?

We carry varieties of vegetables and meat items on our bbq menu and we make everything fresh everyday. All noodles were handmade freshly in-house every morning. Our skillful staffs pick the best part of the ingredients to give our customers a happy experience.